Computers and electronics recycling

computer datas management

computer datas management

For your protection and safety

Electronics and Computers recycling Inc. understands that it is necessary for all data to be properly managed when businesses and individuals dispose of their old devices. It goes without saying that safety comes first and that is why our service is carried out with great concern for quality.

100% data destruction, guaranteed

Our team of experts guarantees 100% destruction of computer data when recycling your old devices, whether on hard disks or other backup media. Management takes place in a few quick and easy steps using instruments designed for these operations.

physical destruction of backup media

A great way to destroy data is to manage 100% physical media, a service that Recyclage Électronique et Informatique Inc. offers. You will be able to have the peace of mind that your data is truly managed and not accessible by a third party.

Our team offers you peace of mind. A gesture for the safe planet in every way.

Computers and electronics recycling

For a beautiful healthy planet, quite simply

Our team of experts dismantle and sort all computer metals for overhaul, preventing your old devices from ending up in the landfill. Your data will be 100% managed during the operation and your material will be sent for recovery.

Recycling your devices reduces the production of new ones. In small quantities it doesn’t make much difference, but by recycling thousands and millions of computers, cellphones, etc., the planet is bound to be better. This allows, to name just a few, to:

FREE Pickup

Electronics and Computers recycling Inc. requires a minimum of 5 computers to access the Free Pickup service.