Electronics and computers
the earth is important to us

Electronics and computers recycling

Our mission, we have a better world

Our team of experts want the Earth to still provide us with thousands of years of life. Even though recycling computer and electronic devices seems to be insufficient, we believe that every action counts. Whether small or large. This is why we make it our mission to recycle the computer and electronic devices of companies to give them a second life and reduce production again.

To recycle all these materials, our team of experts dismantle and sort all computer metals for overhaul, preventing your old devices from ending up in the landfill. Your data will be 100% destroyed during the operation and your material will be sent for recovery.

Thus, we hope to make a difference for the good of the environment and reduce the production of waste and recycle computer and electronic materials in a responsible and safe manner.

In addition to making a difference for the environment, fo each computer, server or switch collected, we will give $ 1 to the Montreal Heart Institute.

FREE Pickup

Electronics and Computers recycling Inc. requires a minimum of 5 computers to access the Free Pickup service.