electronics and computers recycling

All computer and electronic equipments are accepted!

electronics and computers recycling

computers, electronics and televisions

COMPUTERS: we really accept all types, no exceptions. Be it desktops, laptops, servers, Macs, etc. we will take them with pleasure!

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: here we still accept all types, without exceptions. Cellphones, cameras, telephones, camera systems, VHS, stereos, amplifiers, switch TV terminals, satellite receivers, etc. we will take the time to serve you!

TELEVISIONS: We accept all types of televisions. On the other hand, in this case, we ask to have a minimum of 5 computers to get our free collection service.

What is needed for a free collection?
You need a minimum of 5 laptops or desktops to be eligible for the free collect. However, special situations may mean that this minimum is not necessary.

We also travel throughout Quebec to collect your electronic and / or computer installations.

electronics and computers recycling

ACCESSORIES: Scanners, faxes, cathode ray screens, LCD screens, laser printers, inkjet printers, networking equipment, routers, modems, telecommunications equipment, mice, keyboards, floppy disks, ink cartridges, CD-Roms, etc. ..

CABLES: power cables, computer cables, display cables, Ethernet cables, printer cables, laptop adapters, etc.

BATTERIES: We take, during our free pick-up for your electronic devices or computers, all kinds of batteries, without exception!

FREE Pickup

Electronics and Computers recycling Inc. requires a minimum of 5 computers to access the Free Pickup service.